Nnbook of revelation preterist interpretation

The theme to the book of revelation was the second coming of jesus against the apostate jews in a. Interpretive models for the book of revelation as a whole. The preterist approach to revelation the unfolding of. Preterism denies the future, literal fulfillment of most of its predictions, focusing instead on allegory and symbolism. According to this view, revelation does not contain prophecies of specific historical events. According to ladd, theology, 671, the preterist interpretation rests partly on the assumption that the genre of revelation is very similar to other jewish apocalyptic literature such as the apocalypse of enoch, the assumption of moses, 4 ezra and baruch and is therefore interpreted similarly. The preterist view of the end times is based on a symbolic view of the book of revelation that holds most of its prophecies have already been fulfilled. The real meaning of the bibles book of revelation is a popular, ongoing debate. Youll find four major interpretive approaches to the book of revelation that can help you read, understand, and figure out the apocalyptic letter of john. According to the preterist approach, most of the prophecies in the book of revelation were fulfilled not long after john wrote. The phrases they who pierced him and all the tribes of the land are two familiar designations for old covenant israel. The idealist view teaches that revelation describes in symbolic language the battle throughout the ages between god and satan and good against evil. The preterist thinks the primary interpretation refers to past events, but what is taught about those events is supposed to give strength and encouragement to the saints in their current struggle. The links below reveal the preterist view and interpretation of revelation as well as a preterist bible commentary on all major end time prophecies and end time bible verses in disguise with evidence from roman history suggesting that all bible end time prophecies have been fulfilled.

The preterist interpretation of scripture regards the book of revelation as a symbolic picture of firstcentury conflicts, not a description of what will occur in the end times. Key to understanding commentaries on revelations is knowing the position of the commentator. Throughout church history, there have been four different views regarding the book of revelation. According to preterism, all prophecy in the bible is really history. What is the idealist interpretation of the book of. The futurist expects the specific events in revelation to unfold at the end of time, yet revelation is still applicable today as the saints face.

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